Jet Ski Tours

Guided Jet Ski Tours are now available through Blue Moon Outdoor Adventures!

We are the ONLY Jet Ski provider FOR the City of Fort Lauderdale to operate on Park property!!!

Our Guidelines

  • All drivers must have a government-issued photo ID to check in.
  • Drivers born in 1988 or later must present a boater’s license or take Florida’s Boater’s Safety Course.
  • Agers 16-17 can drive with an adult on back as long as they have taken and passed the boaters safety test.
  • Ages 18+ can drive alone, if they take a Boater’s Safety test.
  • Please note that a safety lanyard (key) is attached to the Jet Ski driver at all times
  • Two guests are allowed per Jet Ski and cannot exceed a total combined weight of 490 lbs (225 kg)
  • In addition to your booking fee, when you arrive you will be required to purchase insurance, like as if you were renting a car. This replaces any deposits and covers all damages and tickets that you may incur while riding the ski. The range is $38-$80 depending on the length of your ride and number of operators in your group. Accidents happen, this way you are covered and will not be charged any additional fees even if there is total loss of the ski.
  • There are no refunds on cancelations within 24 hours of the reservation’s scheduled departure. That includes no-shows. No exceptions.
  • All bookings will be emailed waiver, renters agreements, and navigation rules. All these plus the boaters license requirements must be completed PRIOR to your arrival to our location. Failure to do so may cause you a delay in riding or missing your ride window. If you miss your ride window there are NO REFUNDS.
Jet Ski Safety Video must be watched by all riders

Still have questions? Give us a call 954-781-0073 or email us at

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